1. Duck Shooting in Laguna Madre
    1 Jan 2019
    Duck Shooting in Laguna Madre
    Join us for a duck shooting event on the Laguna Madre in the Gulf of Mexico and this year, we are shooting Sand Hill Crane as well.
  1. Loudoun Hunt
Point-to-Point Races
    April 15
    Loudoun Hunt Point-to-Point Races
    Held each year at the historic Oatlands Plantation, the Loudoun Hunt Point to Point Races feature some of the most challenging timber and hurdle courses available.
  2. Virginia Gold Cup
    MAY 5
    Virginia Gold Cup
    Hosted in Fauquier County, VA since 1922, the Virginia Gold Cup is a celebration of hunt country tradition; held the first Saturday of May at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia.